In painting, I reach for an elusive quality beyond the physical properties of the materials,to something which is perceived intuitively. It’s an unseen intangible which gives a painting “presence”, making it something more than decoration or craft. Ultimately I hope to create something authentic, at once sensitive and meditative, yet resonate and

My current highly textured abstract expressionist works are a reflection of the natural world, skirting the line between abstraction and landscape. My process is a combination of instinct, intuition, and spontaneous expression tempered with years of technical training. At times I take off as much paint as I put on before arriving at something which feels interesting and true. Through this process of application and excavation, I “find” a painting as much as I “make” it.

Each work finally emerges, sometimes after many months, with its own particular atmospheric mood. In a world increasingly dominated by facile imagery, I hope to create something with a sense of spirit. Not mine necessarily, but perhaps something that is touched in viewers from their own experience. In the end, I hope these paintings convey something that is not so much experienced with the mind, as felt with the body… in an intimate, visceral, and contemplative way.


DAVID SKILLICORN originally honed his skills as a landscape painter and colorist. By the end of the 1990’s his interests had evolved toward abstracted pixilated portraits and then on to a number of purely abstract works painted in series. His large body of work has evolved through the years, leading directly to the luminous abstract paintings he is known for today. Skillicorn has exhibited widely in a number of solo and juried group exhibitions, and his paintings are now part of private collections throughout the country.

Curators who have selected Skillicornʼs paintings for inclusion in juried shows include: Carl Belz, Director Emeritus The Rose Art Museum Brandeis University, Ian Berry, Curator Tang Art Museum Saratoga Springs NY, Julie Burros, Chief of Arts & Culture, City of Boston, Mim Brooks Fawcett, Director Attleboro Arts Museum, Adrian Tio, Dean of College of Visual Arts UMass Dartmouth, and Beth Urdang, Beth Urdang Gallery,Boston.

Skillicorn’s life as a visual artist began with extensive work with video in the late 1970’s, leading to an earlier career as a multiple Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker. His visual vocabulary deepened through those years while filming literally hundreds of thousands of images across a wide spectrum of cultures and landscapes in more than forty countries. His intensive experiences filming the textures of culture, color and landscape throughout the world have had a lasting impact on his visual sensibilities and have informed the unique visual language he has brought to his work as an abstract painter for the past twenty years..

In his work, Skillicorn says he reaches for an elusive quality beyond the material aspects of a painting, toward an intangible essence which can only be perceived intuitively. In a world he says often feels too rushed, chaotic and overloaded for many people, he hopes his paintings, in their quiet simplicity, richness, and resonate quality, might serve as a bit of an antidote.