Nature has provided me with what I want to look at and remember thus, I photograph it.
My interest isn’t capturing the scene and replicating it, I attempt to find the quality and ambience through the original photograph and digital work.
Abstracts utilize photos of nature and manmade objects, digitally extracting, combining, layering, editing, to form a picture unrecognizable, and containing elements that are pleasing, interesting, and unique.  Additional photos can be seen at


Self-taught in digital photography in the late 1990’s after experience in darkroom work.
Recently began exhibiting, having photos jury selected in 2014, Sohn Gallery, 2014 Spencertown Academy Art Show, winning first place.  2015 Solo show at the Spencertown Academy.  2014 and 2015 Knox Gallery, and Lee Library.  Photo published, 2016 Nature Inspired, Journal.