The main body of my work has been abstract oil and mixed media painting for almost three decades. I also work in stainless steel, stone and wood sculpture as well as installation and environmental art.
In my latest work I try to combine a meditative component with direct interaction of natural processes by letting the wind or water get actively involved in forming the composition by manipulating natural materials on the canvas like earth, ash, marble dust etc. Atmospheric, elemental, meditative paintings are the outcome of this process.

Although working with colors is mainly a visual activity, it nevertheless and strangely enough has a lot to do with listening as well.

I often get inspired by great pieces of music, by standing in the presence of great art, by nature and by sacred, meditative texts that I work with. These experiences can trigger a huge creative response, often like an image or imagination that forms itself in front of the inner eye as an activity of the soul and that I can see as clearly as a landscape painter would see a landscape and then feel impelled to paint it. Ever since I started painting abstractly I have worked with meditation as the lead in to the artistic process. Process itself is a vital part of my painting. Although I have a starting image or idea I leave a lot to what arises out of the process and see it as a great adventure in which unforeseen things happen and add unexpected detail to the whole story.

Martina Angela Muller is a visual artist practicing in a number of different mediums: painting, sculpture, installation and environmental art. She has shown her workin numerous galleries and venues in this country, most recently at LaMaMa La Galleria in NYC; her work is in private collections on four continents. Her work is also represented by Art in Giving in Boston, MA.  Martina was educated in Germany and England at Cambridge University, England; Emerson College, England and Ruhr University, Bochum Germany and Institute for Waldorf Pedagogy, Witten Annen Germany.  She currently lives in Columbia County, NY where she maintains her studio and teaches at the Alkion Center and Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School.