ARTIST'S STATEMENT: Over the last several years, I have shifted my attention from film/video production to still photography. My work is often infused with a sense of motion, an aspect probably derived from my film background.  In the Milkweed series, I sought to capture and enhance the graceful moments when the seeds and silk were bursting from the plant’s pods, releasing themselves into the fall breezes. 

In the Frostscape series, the growth and flow of ice crystals presents a different kind of movement. I approached these displays by experimenting with the background light at different times of day and using changes of camera angle. The result is the creation of new and magical abstract ‘landscapes’. The dynamic flow of these fanciful shapes and tones often appear like gardens, coral reefs, or forests, on our winter windows. 

Besides these series, here are examples of some other work.

John holds a BA from Colgate University and an MFA in Film Production from Columbia University’s School of the Arts.  For years, he has produced, directed, filmed and edited a wide range of film and video productions, both nationally and internationally. He has also taught film theory and production courses at Columbia University, Brooklyn College and Simon’s Rock of Bard College, MA.           

He has exhibited his photography at various galleries around the Berkshires and New York.