I was born in France in 1957. After studying interior design in Paris, I
received an MFA in theater and opera set design from New York University.
I first worked as a theater set designer and scenic painter, later as a freelance
fabric designer.
I started working in ceramics professionally in 2013, mostly self-taught
and inspired by African as well as Mexican pottery. I hand-build which allows
me to alter volumes as the pieces develop, ripen, and come to life. I fire in an
electric kiln, varying temperature to modulate the colors of clay and slip.
My ceramics are pure, non-utilitarian sculpture, bordering figuration and
abstraction. I use a repertoire of sinuous curves, decorative motifs, and colored
or incised embellishments. In individual pieces, as well as group compositions, I
strive to attain musical resonance: melodic lines, rhythm and pauses. I also use
elements which personify human form: rotund feminine sensuality, maternal
fullness; or slender adolescent silhouettes; also masculine sobriety.
My work is shown in Paris, as well as around Fontainebleau where I live.
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