In my work, I explore surface. As an archeologist digs, I look for the invisible, beneath. My quest is to explore the counterpoint between translucency and reflection.  There is an inherent dialogue between the two – a chiaroscuro whose dynamic inspires. Moving water, mirror, film, photographic negatives, rusted steel, artifacts. These items interest me.

So whether it’s film being illuminated by a projector bulb; light bouncing off the metallic surface of a painting; images shadowing themselves through a layered surface; theatre lights defining an actor on stage; floating water across a mirrored glass surface –suggesting emotion as it makes its way… it’s all part of the same exploration for narrative.

Incorporating metallic powders, acrylic polymers, earth objects, discarded household things, machine parts and sea artifacts for the paintings,
I create an aggregate of multiple planes and excavation until a story is revealed.

This is my journey to icons, altars and ancient walls – a layered past.

Meryl Joseph is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work encompasses photography, painting, film, theatre design and kinetic sculpture. She has worked consistently and in a variety of media and her work has been exhibited internationally.

After intensive studies at the Uffizi Galleries in Florence, Joseph graduated from NYU. Photography led her to new applications for theatre lighting and set design, which merged into explorations of other media.

Joseph has always been intrigued with the archeology of surface. Early in her career, as Director of the Photography Department at Tel Gezer in Israel, she spent nine weeks documenting the dig site. This, plus studies at the Uffizi, studying sketchbooks for the Renaissance frescoes, brought her to a fascination with layered surfaces and myth.

In the 70’s, her series, MYTHIC SILHOUETTES, explored new ways of printing silver gelatin images and creating layered narratives. She continued this adventure with large scale works: Harem Suites, and tryptych photographic scrolls. Transitioning to painting, Joseph continues applying similar techniques to mahogany board. Since 2001, Joseph has incorporated water, steel, mirrored glass and stone in her sculpture. WE ARE THEY was featured on site outside the Meeting House Gallery in New Marlboro, MA. and won a competition at the Cambridge School of Weston (Weston, MA).

Joseph’s award – winning documentaries, which focus on the personal voice as well as the collective narrative, have received numerous awards, and have been screened in film festivals in the US and Europe. Joseph will soon make her feature directorial debut with STOLEN GOODS.

Selected solo exhibits, film screenings, lectures and articles include: Humphrey Fine Art (Soho, NYC); Museum of Natural History (NYC); Sanford Smith Fine Art (Great Barrington); Hanna Diehl Gallery (Berlin); National Museum for Women in the Arts (Wash.,D.C.); Sierra Club Film Festival (NYC); Amerika Haus (Berlin); The Berkshire Museum (Pittsfield, MA); New Marlboro, MA); Meeting House Gallery (New Marlboro, MA); Welles Gallery (Lenox, MA); Time/Space LTD (Hudson, NY); Nikon House (NYC); The Artful Mind (cover and featured artist); The Learning Channel; Nikelodeon; Metro Channel; Williams College, Simon’s Rock, NYU, Brooklyn College, The New School.