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High Summer Show : 3 Special Artists

                 Sarah Brayer
               Warner Friedman
                  Hariette Joffe

August 5 – September 17

Opening reception/  Saturday, August 5, 6-8pm
Sarah Brayer, Artist Talk/ Sunday, August 6, from 4-6 pm.
Though each of these artists works in very different styles, they are all well known in their respective worlds.  We are proud to present them in an exhibition this summer, where each is presented in their best light. They all have museum representation.
Sarah Brayer, a resident of Kyoto, Japan for many years, has taken on more than a lifestyle of Japan – She “paints” in a most original style – using “washi” paper – a handmade product into which color is added, creating many different effects – dreamy – ethereal – even nighttime skies.  Her work has achieved international recognition.  On Sunday, Sarah will share her story - how her work evolved and the techniques she uses to creates her marvelous images.
Warner Friedman, well known to the Berkshires and far beyond , brings us his best work: architectural frameworks, with views to the countryside, whether a river, or cornfields.  Sometimes he pairs his artworks with a painting that pays homage to modern masters like Picasso, Modigliani or Ellsworth Kelly.
Harriette Joffe has been shown in galleries in Santa Fe and the Hamptons for many years.  This year we are pleased to bring some of her prolific work to the Berkshires.  We will be showing her storied work, fables from the Bible and Fairy Tales.