At the root of much of art is play, or the pursuit of the question, “ what if?”.  We are programmed to manipulate our environment, from the macro to the micro, creating structure and harmony where we feel it is lacking. As an artist, I do this on my own scale, working from life to compose and alter the real into something . . .other.

In this series of collages, I have taken my watercolor paintings, cut them up, added hand-marbled papers, and reassembled them into new compositions that are best summed up as playful. This process allows me to take my favorite “moments” from different paintings and put them together with the patterned paper, like working a puzzle. I can move my pieces around, add and take away without the commitment of pigment on an absorbent surface and expand my creative language with the element of surprise when disparate fragments come together. My “what if “ led me to something exciting and unexpected in my approach to image-making, introducing more surreal and exaggerated scenes in which my familiar painted pieces can happily exist.

Stephanie Anderson is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design.  She has garnered awards and praise as the illustrator of the children’s books, “Weaving the Rainbow’, “Sleepy Boy”, and “You, Me and Home Sweet Home” (all published by Simon and Schuster) and her work has been commissioned by both private and corporate clients.  Though fluent in a variety of media, Anderson is best known for her watercolors; her still-lifepaintings were featured in the winter 2008 issue of American Artist Watercolor Magazine.   A native of the Berkshires, she lives and works in South County with her husband and cat, and more of her work can be seen on her website.